“We can accommodate your specific needs, whether it is passenger, cargo movements or both.”

Tropicair is Papua New Guinea’s premier charter operator. With our extensive experience in the aviation industry in PNG we can accommodate your specific needs, whether it is for passenger transport, cargo movements or both.

We offer a wide range of services covering; secure transport movements; oil & gas and resource company requirements, covering both passenger and freight services; surveillance flights; aerial photography and mapping; super yacht crew transfers and resupply; government and VIP charters; and our renowned aeromedical service, Medicair. The scope of our operations doesn’t just cover Papua New Guinea but regionally to Australia, the South Pacific and into SE Asia.

We also provide a valuable service that helps connect Papua New Guinea by offering Fares & Freight services to the Gulf and Western Provinces as well as the New Guinea Islands and to Tufi in Oro Province.

For enquiries about our Fares & Freight service including ticket bookings, please go to the Contact page.

Our Operational Footprint