All our aircraft are air-conditioned, fitted with the Garmin GNSS 430 or 530 GPS instrumentation, terrain warning alarms and all weather radar.


Cessna Citation CJ3

Cessna Citation CJ3

Efficiency, Dependability, and Comfort.

The CJ3 delivers reliability without sacrificing efficiency and comfort. The CJ3 is engineered for excellent performance, impressive range and speed, with well appointed comfort.

The CJ3 can carry 7 passengers and is equipped with inflight catering as well as inflight entertainment. The CJ3 also has its own private aft lavatory with sliding privacy doors.

The CJ3 is powered by two dual-channel FADEC-controlled, Williams FJ44-3A Turbofan Engines.

It has a maximum cruise speed of 416 ktas (770 km/h). It's maximum range is 2070 nm (3,834 km) and is capable of operating at 45,000 ft (13,716 m) and, it's maximum limit speed is 0.737 mach.


  •  Passengers: Max 7
  •  Engines: Twin Williams FJ44-3A Turbofan Engines
  •  Maximum payload: 875kg
  •  Number in Fleet: 1


Cessna Citation CJ3 seating



Beechcraft King Air B200


  • Passengers:   7 executive / 9 commuter
  • Twin Engine Aircraft
  • Payload: 1,000kg
  • Number in Fleet: 3 (two with cargo doors)

Tropicair offers executive class service with the Beachcraft King Air B200 fleet. The B200  fleet is currently undergoing an avionics suite upgrade to the latest Garmin synthetic technology available to the market today, featuring dual Garmin 600 displays, Garmin 650 and 750 GNSS systems. 

The King Air is at home almost everywhere from unimproved fields to international airports. It features a pressurised, heated and air-conditioned cabin some 50 percent roomier than similar executive jets.


Beechcraft King Air C90A


  • Passengers:  5 executive / 7 commuter
  • Twin Engine Aircraft
  • Payload: 850kg
  • Number in Fleet: 1
Beachcraft King Air C90A which features advanced GNSS Garmin 530 cross filling to a 430 GPS navigation system. 

Cessna 208B Grand Caravan


  • Passengers: 9
  • Single Engine Aircraft
  • Payload: 1,200kg
  • Number in Fleet: 3

The Cessna 208B Grand Caravan is a Jetprop 9 seat aircraft built to endure a rugged environment whilst providing maximum comfort. With a high payload capacity, big doors and cabin, fantastic visibility and powered by a Pratt & Whitney PT6A 400 - 675 hp engine of outstanding reliability, they are superb machines. It is suitable for both passenger transport and freight carriage. Equipped with weather radar this is an all weather and night instrument flight rated (IFR) aircraft. They are all air-conditioned and have an average speed of 150kt. 

One of our Caravans is Blackhawk converted, with a PT6-42 engine and four blade Hartzell prop, this machine is capable of around 175kn. This aircraft has the option of an eight (8) seat executive configuration.

The cabin can be configured in a low density passenger configuration, with 1 - 1 seating, as a combination of passengers and cargo, or as a strictly cargo aircraft.

Twin Otter DHC-6-300 "X2"


  • Passengers: 19
  • Twin Engine Aircraft
  • Garmin 600 equipped
  • Payload: 1,600kg
  • Number in Fleet: 1

Short take off and landing aircraft (STOL), capable of landing on unpaved strips 600m long. Excellent passenger and cargo combination capabilty. A real workhorse for the Papua New Guinea environment.

Ikhana re-lifed, zero time aircraft.